Designer Spotlight: Iris van Herpen

Both fashion and architecture are very close to my heart, therefore I am extatic each time these two come together. Iris van Herpen is a relatively new name to the public. Judging by how fast her fame is growing, I would be tempted to say she will soon be the next leading designer. What is her connection with architecture? Well, read and see.

Iris is not a newcomer anymore. She made a statement with her AW 2010 collection entitled "Synesthesia" at London Fashion week. Since then, all eyes are on her. And for a good reason! During Amsterdam International Fashion Week (14th to 18th of July 2010), she debuted ten pieces from her SS2011 collection, "Crystallisation". The rest of the collection will be presented this fall, during London Fashion Week.

Her work is highly conceptualised, but there is now wonder in that: Iris interned for the late Alexander McQueen and dare I say this fact is easy to observe. The same indefinite air of avantgarde pieces, futuristic details, extraterrestrial shoes to match the garments…

Speaking about shoes (and the reason why I was stating before that I love it when architecture combines with fashion), it must be mentioned that the shoes for the "Synesthesia" collection were made by United Nude. United Nude meaning architect Rem D Koolhaas, of course!

photo credits:, fashion indie and dazed digital

About the shoes: ankle boots with a tridimensional motif, available in black and ivory. Available means exactly that: the shoes have recently been released worldwide in a limited edition (240 pairs), from exclusive retailers and United Nude concept stores in Amsterdam, New York, Shanghai and Vienna. Also, they are 100% handmade with high quality Italian kid leather.

About Crystallisation (SS 2011): The ten preview pieces were enough to showcase the main concept. The designer wanted to recreate the transformation of water to crystal, from liquid to structure.
The pieces are essentially leatherworks disguised as mini dresses, with water seaming to be splashing all around them. The full collection will be presented during London Design Week this September. Shoes, again, by United Nude.

Above: Piece resembling a bolero created using a 3D printer, a technique often used by architects.
photo credits: AIFW insider

Extra: Iris van Herpen was invited to take part in the Fashion and Architecture project initiated by ARCAM (Architecture Centrum Amsterdam), where she was teamed up with Benthem Crouwel Architects.

Last but not least, an interview from ASVOF: Philippe Pourhashemi interviews Iris van Herpen. My favorite part:

And how do you feel after the show?
I feel blank. I’m very happy, of course, but you have to let go. The collection is now in the world and it’s not yours anymore. It was something personal that no one had seen before and then it’s...
Yes. And that’s a relief.

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  1. Those dress are so heavy. I was wondering if these model manage to walk well on the runway. 

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