9 enviable features of fashion magazines

A magazine is like a folded inspiration board. They just stand there, on their rack, waiting for a person with a matching mindset to pick them up. If we agree that we do see magazines as vision boards, let’s break down a few of the things that make print magazines special:

1. Editorials, right?
Probably the main reason why we love magazines. I find it very useful to cut some pages (if not all of them!) up and then pin them to a cork board. Or you can just attach the magazine pages to a net which covers an entire wall in your work room. It is one of my favorite methods to relax (see how to here). It takes some time to make everything stay in place, but it is definitely worth the effort.

2. The opinion piece written by the editor-in-chief. 
It is almost always inspiring to read, because it will set the mood of the entire publication. I sure do love it when magazine editors have personal blogs. Glee!

3. Celebrity interviews. 
Frankly here there is not so much you can't find online in a matter of seconds. But you see, in a magazine, both pictures and text have to be friendly to each other and mix perfectly in the layout of each page. There is no such thing as image galleries and separate text. Appreciate these pages like you do with catalogues or perfectly mastered collages.

4. Design and overall aesthetics. 
It goes without saying that the front cover takes the cake here. But there is also the patience required to take a look at each page, to admire each tiny part of it. There is no such thing as getting bored and maybe next time you will find yourself inspired to make an even better collage than last time!

5. Regular features with exclusive content (read: mostly texts).
These are my favorites! I almost know at what page each feature is placed, I know what to expect, but I find myself surprised each time. The one person who did this best was Diana Vreeland with her "Why don't you?" column for Harper's Bazaar. I wish I was a twenty-something in those times (circa 1937).

6. First views and runway reports. 
Because of the people who have an input in creating these. Even though the internet is full of this type of features, it is just different when an Elle or Vogue team create them.

7. How stylists and photographers put up stories. 
A chemistry which generates pages and pages with photography that sparks off our imagination. I would give more props to the photographers because no matter how great the styling it, a photo that doesn't do it justice will make everything look less than perfect. A few favorite photographers include, in no particular order: Steven Klein, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Miles Aldridge, Annie Leibovitz, Steven Meisel.

8. The diversity and learning to appreciate it.
Magazines contain a multitude of opinions which belong to a multitude of people, unlike blogs, which are often ran by a single person. Channeling this feature of a real magazine is the equivalent of trying to find a different voice of yourself for an article, once in a while. It is a refreshing thing to do.

9. Features of independent photographers, artists, musicians. 
Yes! It is like an album, a catalogue if you want: everything is brought right under your nose, with no extra effort required from your part to google them. I always discover someone new, someone whose work I had no idea it even existed until then. Exciting stuff!

So, what do you think? The list is still open, maybe you have a suggestion to fill it up? Let us know!


  1. the reason i love harpers bazaar is the size, i use to frame some editorial spreads in some black, vintage frames i bought a while ago. im not very fond of the magazine really, but the size is great;)

  2. What an interesting point to make! I didn't really take the size into consideration until now. Maybe because I almost always end up chopping the pages up for my collages? Yes, that must be it :))

    Also, love the idea with the black frames. They make the photos stand out so well! Thank you!


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