Guess what? This is the 1000th post here! The site definitely has come a long way since it started almost three years ago. When I first took up blogging, I had no idea I would love it this much and keep it up for so long. The story continues, we have an even longer way ahead, dears! Thank you for reading and for all the support!

1000 is an impressive number (well, it is, isn't it?) so I did a small roundup of the best posts in 2010. If you want to go through the older posts, feel free to do so by accessing the archive in the sidebar or by accessing the links and categories at the end of each post. Enjoy!

P.S. I recently updated the About page with more info about me and the philosophy of the site. Do check it out! You can also like me on Facebook, go to my personal Facebook page or, (yes!) tweet at me: @sweetdaiane


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