Updating the inspiration database

These may be some of the most stunning photos featuring Linda Evangelista. Vogue circa 1990, shot by Roversi. Even after 20 years they look so new and fresh. This long bob haircut is love, but I wouldn't cut mine this way. Well, not yet I wouldn't.

Oh yeah, I am also amazed by amount of time I can spend browsing through scans from old magazines:

Please excuse the relatively randomness of this post (well, inspiration is important!) but I am over the top busy with learning for exams and being slightly psyched about RFW kicking off on Wednesday! Can't wait to be thereee!

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  1. love browsing through scans of old magazines. maybe it's the nostalgia, maybe the quality of editorial work was better back then, don't know, but it's an awesome feeling, like discovering hidden treasures


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