Romanian Fashion Week presents: "Iaşi - Shanghai"

The Romanian Fashion Week taking place in Iasi, from June 9 to 10 - preparatory event for the Romanian Fashion Week, Shanghai, July 9 to 15 – launches the most important fashion project of the moment, RFW @ World Exhibition in Shanghai.

Between July 9 to 15, during Shanghai World Expo 2010, the Romanian Fashion Week will be held. The event is organized by the FIT Association (Future in Textiles) in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The collections that will be presented during the Romanian Fashion Week in Shanghai will be selected within the framework of the XII edition of the Romanian Fashion Week, which will take place from June 9 to 10 in Iasi, a preparatory event for the those in Shanghai, at the initiative of the FIT Association. During the Romanian Fashion Week in Iasi, 3-4 pieces from each designer collection will be chosen to be included in a fashion parade, which will take place in the Romanian pavilion in Shanghai, Greenopolis, 3 times per day in each of the seven days as the event lasts.

Approximately 30 outfits will be created during the Romanian Fashion Week, which will keep the overall creative concept of the Romanian pavilion Greenopolis. The designs will be included in a permanent exhibition which will be inaugurated in Shanghai on July 9. Outfits will remain exposed until the end of the exhibition in Shanghai in October 2010. The most creative outfit of each designer will be selected and reproduced on white natural material. The accessories will be chosen by the designer.

Also, a film will be made during Romanian Fashion Week. The film will run during the Romanian Fashion Week held in Shanghai, on all presentation screens in the Romanian pavilion. The film will present the current state of the fashion industry in Romania, through the most important event, the fashion week held in Iasi, from June 9 to 10. The film will be accompanied by comments in Chinese and English and will include short messages in Chinese from Romanian participant designers.

Meanwhile, the Romanian Fashion Week also includes a collective photography exhibition signed by the best Romanian photographers: Cosmin Bumbut, Cosmin Gogu, Alexander Paul, Marius Baragan, Gabriel Hennessey, Alex Galmeanu and Tibi Clenci. The theme of the exhibition is "Ecology".

"It is our chance to show what we can do best: creative, modern, quality fashion. In fact, this event aims to draw attention onto the creative professions in Romania, the colorful imagination and modernity of these, I think, leaders of visual beauty”, said Irina Schrotter.

Some of the participants include: Adelina Ivan, Alina Botea, Alina Latan, Andra Clitan, Andreea Musat, Andreea Tincu, Cristina Nichita, George Hojbota, Irina Marinescu+twenty(2)too, Irina Schrotter, Jolidon, Kinga Varga, Lena Criveanu, Lucian Broscatean, Lucian Pop, Mihaela Glavan, Mircea Barbulescu, Mirela Diaconu, Papucei, Razvan Ciobanu, Stephan Pelger and Violeta Gaburici.

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