RFW Day 1: “Dear Diary”

This morning I arrived in Iasi, where the 12th edition of Romanian Fashion Week will officially kick off tomorrow. Since the time is relatively short and so many things are happening at such a fast pace, I might not have the time to translate some of the posts in English (see previous post). However, this being the first day here, the fashion events didn't start yet. Today we basically checked in and took strolls around the city. It is so wonderful to meet people in real life after you have been “knowing” the online for so long!

Because I happened to arrive hours earlier than most of the other bloggers and press, I had more time on my hands to wander around. I mus say, Iasi is an amazing city, both calm and nervous, depending on which street do you happen to find yourself. My feet are about to cry because of the long distances I walked but it was all worth it. Here are some photos of the day.

The view from the hotel room is breathtaking. Just look at these beauties:

My greatest wish was to go and see the Copou Park:

On my way to the hotel, I took the long way and wandered some more in search of these specific stairs. Worth all the walking in the heated hours of noon:

Finally, found some small, intimate streets where books were on display on both sides of the road. I especially loved the atmosphere: everything was so alive yet so peacefull. How can people here do it at the same time?

(to be continued)

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