Monday Top 5

Before we start, you can find some words about the UAD Gala that took place this weekend here. I will also put up some photos soon here too. I still have some good hundreds to go through. 

This is my top five for the day. Being overwhelmed by Mondays is sooo overrated you have no idea. I mean, it does repeat every week. Let's go through it without such a big fuss and enjoy the good things in life. Like, you know, photography, music, good sites and the perfect mood boosters!

#5: Just Hemingway, kicking a can

#4: What real ladies wear under their skirts

#3 Since it came to clothes, here's for the ideal summer outfit. Actually, everything styled by this girl looks amazing.

#2 Having a thing for... collages. This blog is super amazing, featuring all sorts of inspirational collages. In a perfectly square shape.

#1: NAAG

A site focused upon culture, fashion and beauty. One of the team members? Agyness Deyn. Yes! So go check it out.

source: NAAG


  1. aw, i love photo # 4 so very very much.


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