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Hi, what’s up? Today’s news is not only pretty looking but also very useful. Watch out, we are talking about an online store entitled Molecule F. Its name is surely and steadily been building up in Romania and I thought it is something so good it just has to be shared.

So listen closely. The store is full of designs coming from the some of the most talented designers. Yes, everything I am saying is a superlative yet still doesn’t do Molecule F justice. The official opening took place a few days ago and it gathered many public faces, people working in the fashion industry and, of course, designers.

Here are some photos of the store during the opening:

photos courtesy of Molecule F

Currently, the site features creations made by 12 different designers and artists: 109, Ana Alexe, Rozalb de Mura, Andreea Bădală, Andra Cliţan, Corina Vlădescu, Cristian Samfira, Fe[male], Silvia Şerban, Andreea Tincu, Lady Magpie, Maria Filipescu, Elena Crişan.

Of course, the site has the perfect layout for making on-line shopping pleasant and yes, they ship worldwide! You have to act fast if you are eying a piece though since they are usually unique or limited series. Also, let’s not forget that some pieces are exclusively made for Molecule F. Yes!

Finally, I couldn't help myself sharing a (very) short selection some of my favorite items I could spot in the on-line store:

left /// right

left /// right

left /// right

Last but not least, some trivial details that I love-love:

1/ The fact that the logo changes its color from black to a mixture of greens and blues, all bubbly. Hover over it!
2/ The music! Having a soundtrack when I visit websites is usually annoying and I normally can't find my way soon enough to the sound-off button, but this! This is surely not the case.
3/ Oh yes, the name itself. I mean... I suppose that F stands for fashion. What else?


  1. Oh my, that skull dress is absolutely to die for. Thank you so much for this, darling, I know what I'll be putting on my wish list now :)

  2. hey dear, my pleasure! that dress is really something! <3


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