Men: D&G SS 2011

When it comes to the men's fashion shows I already have some favorite houses which I just know will have the bold, statement collections I am used to admire. Some of these are Burberry (always!), Armani and Prada, all with very distinct features. But this D&G collection was quite unexpected, in the best possible way.

OK, so maybe it had something to do with the light, joyful atmosphere every look reinforced over and over again. There were oversized bags filed with baguettes, wine, and greens. There were tropical prints. There were distressed jeans. And the feeling of a blissful, late summer evening.

Now, how about some backstage photos? Yes, I think so too:

all photos D&G fashion show

What I would love to steal from the closet of the D&G man:

1/ one of those T-shirts printed with the image of the famous painting by Édouard Manet, “Le déjuner sur l’erbe”.

2/ a bag: the so called picnic accessory. ha!

3/ anything in Vichy prints.


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