Shallow Saturday: a short tale

As I am standing here trying to persuade my own tired braincells to put a cohesive text together, I realise it is rather useless. A lot is happening (in the most literal of ways) all over my screen and I can't decide to shut them off. Neither do I want to.

So I pick a random point in my internet browser and try to filtrate just the things that fall under that exact spot while I am browsing. Do you have any idea how much of a challenge this actually is? No? Try it. I blame the lack of sleep for the idea.

In one of this areas fell a pair of flats. I stopped hitting the forward button and remembered my new flats. I got a pair of flats last weekend because... I haven't done it in a long time: I've been wearing on heavy rotation the numerous pairs I already own.

With these coordinates, I set off to what had to be the hunt. Two hours after trying on pairs after pairs and something which resembled a marathon, I drew the conclusion: the greatest part of flat shoes on sale today are clones modeled after the same prototype. Regardless of store, I saw the exact same thing, just with different "finishes": leather, prints, animal prints, neons, jeans, glitter, beading...

The biggest shock was the shape. Where did the glorious, flattering shape go? Why where all the flats designed with a low front line so that the end of the toes could be seen? Oh no, the problem is not necessarily that; the problem is the flats made the foot look... flat, big, one with the paving. Even if this image is decorated with a beautiful bow in the front, it doesn't make things better. You know how heels give shape and structure to the image of the foot that wears them. Well, I am asking the same thing but for flats. When did old school flats disappear?

Needles to say, I gave up a few possible candidates for the new flats position that day. It was heartbreaking but worth it. It also was my mistake: visiting shops with the same worn out characteristics (main, well-known brands). So I walked into the next best thing, a shop with a different range of products, which proved to be the best idea of that day. By shifting to another shop profile, I finally found anything but commonplaces. It felt... rewarding. And these are the winners:

You can also find this in Hi-Res in the Goodies category under the header (quick link).


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