Shallow Monday

These photos were taken today to showcase these wonderful roses I have received. Thank you!

I remember I used to post personal photos much more frequently in back in the day. I mean... this blog will be three years old in October. Whoa! But then again, I was younger and with more free time on my hands, mwahaha!

So I was saying... ? Yes. Maybe I should share some of this stuff here too more often. Until then...


  1. more, more, as I said:p

    PS: it's always so nice to receive "something" beautiful like a rose, especially without any specific reason.

  2. copyright ?
    nu le ia nimeni....
    nici pe fashiontoast nu exista copyright si chiar nu ia nimeni astfel de fotografii...ce sa faca cu ele ?
    nici la paolo roversi nu exista semnatura aia ...

  3. da, pentru ca (deocamdata, hehe) nu sunt la fel de cunoscuta ca rumi de la fashiontoast, nici ca roversi, a carui poze le stie intreaga planeta. in plus, nu imi place sa-mi vad pozele cin stie pe unde fara creditare... asa se explica semnatura de pe ele :)

    inca un contra-exemplu: vezi deviantART unde mai toti cei care tin la pozele lor pun pe ele un watermark imens. din aceleasi motive...


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