Moving on from macaroons

Not that the world could actually move on. Me neither for that matter. From macaroons or from anything else with a healthy (ahem!) dose of sugar. There's no denying macaroons are starlets in their own world. I know some people are grossed out by pictures with food. The thing is it very much depends on the way you look at it: a necessity or a form of art. There are people out there who actually earn a living while decorating and preparing delicious food. It is an entire industry focused mainly upon cakes for different occasions, including weddings.
So, what makes a food look picture perfect? I would identify as the key feature bright colors. After these come unusual shapes, 3D decorations and sparkles!

all photos above from I am baker
While I was doing browsing in search of pictures for the above collage, I also ran into Tastespotting. Please don't click if you feel hungry, ok?

Onto our own matters, I must admit this post was almost incidentally brought up by this set of pictures featuring Lydia Hearst. Marie Antoinette who?

photos by by Elias Wessel, credits: fashion gone rogue

I must admit this may be regarded as borderline tacky. But then somehow doesn't reach that height, you know what I mean? Ultimately, the purpose was reached, either you hate it or you love it, it sure made you stop and stare for a little bit.


  1. Ce draguta ii aia cu inimioara. Imi si imaginez cu o facut un fel de Backtracking GD, sa vada ce corp sectionat pe verticala da o inimoara, indiferente de unghiul planelor de sectiune :p
    E o exceptie: o poza cu mancarecare-mi place :)


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