The Industrie reveals itself

Coming right out of an exhausting, long week of non-stop wok, I couldn't wait to have some free time on my hand to flick through all that I've been missing. One of the most blog-worthy subjects I have been reading about must be the first issue of Industrie magazine. The cover, featuring one shimmering Anna Wintour has taken everyone's curiosity up a few notches. Me included to be honest, and even more since I can't figure out a way I could see it in real life. What would be do without our faithful internet though?
Thankfully, everyone from Susie to Business of Fashion and the FTS community have covered the subject so now there's a more clear view upon the entire magazine. Still a bit shy though because the issue has a whopping 196 pages. By the way, am I the only one on the planet to think the cover is not that good looking? The most uninspired choice of photo they could have ever come up with. The idea of putting Anna on the cover is great, but the shot? Not that much. Moving on, we see Anna again:

ph. credits: BoF and TFS

Well, I have to give it to them for the great content they pulled together. Susie's post was so great in underlining some of the words in the magazine. Finally, more text in a fashion-related magazine is something many of us wished for. All that could be added is let the interviews with power-people pour!

An excerpt that could be the best explanation for  "Why Industrie, why now":
"That’s why we didn’t want to do just another fashion magazine. We’re really tired of all these magazines with ten fashion stories by unknown photographers created just for the sake of putting out a fashion story, with no real point of view. American Vogue and French Vogue already do this and they are the best in the world, so why even try?" (Erik Torstensson in an interview for BoF)

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