Fashion is local

Just like any other type of art, fashion is influenced at first by the context one is born and lives in. Sure, today the internet is our door to the rest of the world, ready to be opened at any time. The question is, does this new possibility have the power of influencing the way we dress in a consistent way?

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As people grow up they are influenced by what they see around them: starting from their family and finishing with any stranger on the street. Let's call this the traditional view. Even if it's bad, or of poor taste, people will take it as granted, use it and transmit it forward. Most of the time, they don't know any better. I think this is a sad thing to acknowledge: that some just don't have the means to know any other way of using clothes and fashion resources to their own advantage.

On the flip side, let's take people who do have access to a higher level of information, who see true beauty even in understated things. How can they make those around them see it too if the context doesn't allow them to do that? How can one change tradition, be it good or bad, if that is the substance of the real world around? Ultimately here is some kind of a dead end. Even if there are some people who peek over the fence, most of them don't. Call it lack of time or indifference: it is really easy (and comfortable!) to lean solely on what you already know.

People's views are shaped by the place they live in, what can be found in the shops, other persons around. You may argue stating the online shopping has become the ultimate tool. I will agree, but sad enough, it still has little to no influence in building taste, allowing fashion to keep having, at large, local attributes. Will fashion ever be... global?

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