Baby, put a print on it

If I should only name one thing that requires and extra set of skills in styling, that would be the ability of mixing prints. It clearly claims a different sense and a vision in order to be able to keep on track and obtain a high quality result. With summer in mind and above our shoulders, prints are one important trend to follow from close behind.

There's no denying that monochrome outfits will always be on the top of the fashion curve yet reach any height between chill and sophisticated. I wouldn't trade a white or beige monochrome outfit for anything in the world on a hot day of summer but I have to admit... there's something in it for the prints too

Here's why this post is dedicated to the unexpected and fascinating results of different prints united. One thing is for sure: so many different results can be achieved if only a tiny detail is changed. More than admiring the visuals, I enjoy imagining how other combinations would work in the same case. So, let's put to work our minds and vision:

above: Ethnic Voyage, Vogue Korea May 2010, credits: Fashion Copious

above: Wild Child, Vogue China June 2010, credits: Fashion Copious

above: editorial from How To Spend It Magazine, credits: Fabsugar

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