Zara March 2010 Lookbook

A while ago I posted some tidbits from the Zara Young SS2010 collection. Let's allow ourselves to take a look at this (already) past lookbook and say that collection was much more cuter than this new one. Not judging until we get to the photos.... but the Young collection was just some kind of a game where the lego pieces where jeans funky tees and mad accessorizing.

What the March lookbook is bringing forward has a romantic vibe to it, while being quite fashion conscious.

As always, Zara knows what young people love nowadays. I would have loved to see something new though. Frilly skirts, socks and platforms? Everybody is doing them. Should we take it a sign these are not going anywhere? Ok, then. Yet wearing a flower crown on the head is a timeless manifesto:

Hats are one of the greatest part of this lookbook:

Or any other head gear for that matter...

The boys are also offered a fair share of summer-y looks, with inspiration clearly drawn from the navy (trend). They seem more fit to hop on board of any yacht than the girls.

This fit-for-the-city, black costume is perfect without being too stiff. The hat? A key element as we all know by now:

ph. taken from the Zara FB page and site.

I can't wait to see what Zara will come out with pull off next! This fast paced lookbook presentations are quite engaging!

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