Stylin' girl: Catherine Baba

Did you check last week's installment of Stylin'...? It featured Leith Clark, editor in chief of LULA magazine. No? Then what are you even waiting for here? Go take a look

Now, today's focus is on none other that Catherine Baba! Never heard of her? Maybe you didn't know her name, but you surely saw her on one of the many street-style sites out there which featured her. She makes an appearance hard to ignore, especially when she is photographed in Paris riding her bike while wearing sky-high heels and a long fur coat!

So, WHO is she?

While I was tracking down these photos on tfs, I discovered a few pages from the April issue of Vogue Paris (you can find them here). Apparently, Catherine wears only vintage fur and listens to Grace Jones, Vivaldi, Schubert, DuranDuran and of course, Maria Callas.

all photos: tfs
Darling, j'adore! are her favorite words. Judging by this I couldn't have guessed in a million years she's from Australia. 

Ok now, these videos are for your viewing pleasure. And to hear her speaking, oh-la-la!

The first vid is killing me! Major xx.

If you are celebrating Easter, have a great time and loads of fun or... rest as much as you can (this is what I do)!

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  1. Oh my goodness she is SO fabulous!! I have seen here before in photos but had no idea who she was. She definitely rocks those sunglasses.

    Caroline of Red Glasses

  2. Thank god people are starting to realize her more, I just hope that when this Sex and the City 2 business is out of the way people can see who the real star of fashion is Catherine Baba.


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