Stylin' Girl: Agathe

If you have been around the world of fashion blogs long enough, you must have stumbled  across Agathe's blog, Style Bytes. I discovered it in the summer of 2007, and it was such a find! I started my own blog in October that year. I still have no idea whether or how much Agathe's ramblings and photos have inspired my decision but one thing is for sure: her blog still remains a source of inspiration. If you already visited her blog, you sure know she discontinued it without notice in April 2008. I (and for sure many others) waited for a fresh post for months and months after that moment. Eventually, her site was down, over, gone, nowhere to be found. A year or so after she put it all back up the same as before. It still makes me feel a little sad when I visit it. A discontinued blog is like a ruin. Or better said it becomes one after some time. Agathe's though is looking as fresh as it did two years ago...

all photos: Style Bytes

This is why I chose Agathe to be this week's Stylin' Girl. Funny, the link of my blog can still be found up on her blogroll.

P.S. In 2008, while I was waiting for a new post, I added the blog in my reader. Until this day, the feed is redirected here. Enjoy.

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  1. I loved this blog so much! I was reading her blog for 2 years before she closed it and it still remains one of the best in my book! It also makes me sad to go back also beacuse I've eventualy found out what happened!

  2. Pai am gasit un articol pe care l-am tradus cu google translate pentru ca era in suedeza si in mare era ceva de genul: ea a plecat intr-o mica vacanta, totul era ok si cand s-a intors tipul cu care se casatorise plecase cu tot ce aveau prin casa si fara sa spuna nimic si practic a fost distrusa pentru ca nu vazuse niciun semn si ea era foarte indragostita si credea ca totul este perfect. Intr-un fel s-a gandit ca asta a fost si din vina blogului caruia ii dedica destul timp si cred ca a vrut sa lase in urma totul, s-a tuns, si-a schimbat si stilul vestimentar, in fine, super sad!

  3. ooo, ce trist! :( habar n-aveam..


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