Sock up!

As we are still experiencing the transition between spring and summer, it is time to identify one wardrobe key element: over-the-knee socks. During winter the main focus were over-the-knee boots, remember? Street style sites are always the place to go when searching clothing inspiration. Some real life examples of how to wear long socks will follow, but let's just stop and admire this shot for a bit, shall we...?

Natalia Vodianova, Vogue China May 2010 from here

The length:

This one is crucial. Choosing the longest version available will only mean more styling options. The naughtiest way to wear them is just a teeny-tiny bit over the knee caps. Surely, this version can easily fall under the school girl category, but try to cheat on that impression by pushing the limits. For example, enhancing the idea of properness can have its own advantages and look fairly effortless. Extra tip? Wear high heels! School girls don't do that:

The patterns:

I own a grand number of three identical long, black socks to wear with dresses this time of the year. If only a grey version was available when I got those! Oh well, let's see... what I didn't mention in the first place though was the pattern running across them. It is quite a challenge to notice it at first sight, but at a closer look it increases their visual impact. Blending into the outfit all sort of different prints is entirely up to your taste: you can pile up on statement pieces which will complete each other or, on the contrary, go for "More is less". Advantages and disadvantages could be debated forever, so what will really decide on the final outfit is how you want to feel on that particular day and where will you go.

The color:

Hi, color! I wish I would see you more often on long socks. But the truth is that black and grey pretty much take the cake at this point. I would suspect the manufacturers just rely on the easy way out and make stuff in "universal", easy to match hues. I couldn't agree less, but hey, at least a lot of grey shades are available! Besides this, it's the color of the dress and trench that make a difference: if they are all from the same color palette, the final aspect will be impeccable.

all street style photos: Stockholm Street Style

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