The shoes everyone is dreaming about

Or to restate: "a million girls would kill for" these shoes. Yes? No?

Me included.

Stars from the 70s or 80s should have worn them. Or did they? Flashback.

photos: Miu Miu
Matching sunglasses. Otherwise known as gorgeous.

One thing I surely enjoy witnessing in the online world is how certain items become viral. How does this happen? Why does it apply only to specific objects (more often shoes than anything else)? The last item that went worldwide were the Acne Atacoma. I can't help but wonder: is there genuine interest for the it item and not just a propagation of values similar to an imitation? A imitation of an attitude, but an imitation nonetheless.

Theorizing it or not, one thing is for sure: these Miu Miu shoes are tantalizing us mortals seeing then pop everywhere. Sure, the collection they complete is unique, womanly and childish at the same time. Who wouldn't want to be like that? There. Told you: viral.

Minor detail: the Miu Miu campaign is focusing on the shoes.


  1. I guess the Miu Miu sandals (sry, too lazy to search for their name) as well as the Acne Atacoma wedges before them have reached their "it item" status because they embody the brand mystique mixed with a hint of accessibility (the Miu Miu shoes are a bit more wearable and cheaper than the Chanel heels that hark back to a similar 70s aesthetic). I also think that many people hope that by buying an it item they're not only buying a certain attitude but also a certain social status, recession or not.

  2. I totally agree with you, that it actually is a brand mystique. About buying a social status I wouldn't be that sure: how about bloggers who buy Miu Miu, do they do it for a social purpose...?


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