PLM Mag #2

These were some crazy days, hence the short hiatus on the blog, but things are getting back to normal again. Wait, did I say normal? How about full speed ahead?

PLM magazine #2 is on the loose! I have the pleasure and honor to be a contributor. The second issue is clearly a more grown up version of the first one. It develops at a very fast pace and it is such a joy to be part of this unique project:

Isn't the cover genius? I sure say so! Attitude is what many magazines lack, unfortunately. It's time for us to enjoy a new, a let's-take-things-to-the-next-level type of magazine. Less mainstream, less commercial, more indifference to what is hot and more interest in developing something new, out of the box. This is why I would like to congratulate George once again, for this is his project and say thank you for offering me a chance to collaborate.

For this issue, I wrote a piece on Alexander McQueen. I heard voices saying there's too much of him in every mag and that this sad issue should be put behind already. Well, I think this is such a wrong attitude! How could one stop praising a genius, a person thinking beyond his times? How? The problem of overusing his latest creations, that is another issue. As I've said, some stuff should be put on a pedestal and admired. I think words can suffice to express what we couldn't understand while he was still alive...

Remember TO CLICK TO ENLARGE each photo. Enjoy!

The conclusion? Why yes! Read PLM Magazine HERE.

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