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A Sunday evening simply can't go by without enjoying a few minutes of a show, film, or better yet, fashion shorts. I was going through the videos added in the fashion channel over at Fly16x9 looking for a little bit of inspiration and a different view on things. Some of these videos are a little bit old, since the end of last year, but they are an amazing experience to witness, nonetheless. My favorite thing to do is read the entire production list and see who did what. Names of models, designers, visual artists, makeup and hair crew, you name it! I can't have enough of this phenomenon: it is such an innovative way to envision and reinvent our view on fashion. Enough with the storytelling already, let's start watching!


Director: Jamie Isaia @ Art + Commerce
Designer: Hussein Chalayan
Cinematographers: Andreas Von Scheele, Stephen Blaise
Editors: Catherine Camille Cushman, Jamie Isaia
Stylist: Ben Sturgill
Makeup: Yuka Washizu
Hair: Wesley O'Meara

Ali Micheals @ DNA
Daria Strokous @ IMG
Olga Maliouk @ Marilyn

The film was made in collaboration with Nomenus Quarterly.


Director: Stephen Blaise
Cinematographer: Andreas von Scheele
Designer: Givenchy
Producer: Cathrin Christensen
Concept: Stephen Blaise
Creative Director: Catherine Camille Cushman
Stylist: Stacey Battat @ Nice Productions

... and, of course, an oldie but a goldie...

3 ::: SHADOW

Director: Noam Griegst
Designer: Louis Vuitton
Cinematographer: Ian Bloom
Editor: Catherine Camille Cushman
Fashion Director: Graham Tabor
Makeup: Stevie Hyunh
Hair: Bronwen Robinson at Bumble and Bumble
Featuring: Milagros @ Trump, Asaf @ DNA
Music: Exclusive Remix of MOAN by Anders Trentemoller

The reason why I didn't embed the originals directly from the source are the autoplays. Surely, all of these videos and many other equally gorgeous ones can be found over at Fly 16x9.

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