Dolls are the new fashion manifesto

These days it was all about dolls. I have been stumbling across news featuring all sorts of (fashion-y) dolls, illustrations and the likes. However, it must be the gods of fashion (gasp!) that redirected my wandering ways into the cyber-world to discover these Viktor&Rolf dolls. Of course, looking back, this was a subject that first appeared more than a year ago and I blogged about it here. Anyway, admit you want to take a second look! Come on, come on! I knew it:

photos by Peter Stigter via Dezeen

The dolls recreate looks from past collections and apparently travel the world so more and more people can admire them. Now, the collection has now found a home with Studio Job, whom they have had a personal relationship with V&R since the 1990s. Earlier this year, Studio Job opened a gallery in Antwerp, where the dolls can be admired during gallery hours or by appointment.

Here are some words about Viktor&Rolf:
"The true strength of Viktor & Rolf’s work is its genuine modesty. [...] No idealistic aims or wild fantasies – add a golden finish to the lead of daily life."
My input on this would be that revisions are great to make once in a while. Especially to remind the world your vision and how you got to it. Also, as information rolls around at such a fast pace, things are forgotten in a matter of days and everyone moves to the next best... whatever. This being said, my deep respect for the V&R philosophy, wishing more names had such initiatives, with no commercial purpose.

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