Differentiate: Trends vs Themes

This double T duo must be one of the most terrible, never-ending experiment out there. While trends are recurrent, themes are there all along, giving us different interpretations as time goes by. But the line between the two is on its way to be blurred for ever. I am so curious to see what magazines come out with at the beginning of each new season. Generally they put up dozens of pages focusing on the new trends. These two words together are enough to make my head spin. I am almost allergic to the word trend, and for a good reason: everybody will do it.

Themes on the other hand go beyond trends. No matter what the latest it item is, something focusing on a well-known, established theme will always make it first row. You know, just like at fashion shows. Themes do not exclude innovations, au contraire, their essence is based on them. Some examples of themes are romanticism (pastels, flowers), goth style (black, metal, dark sets), rock and youth (Nirvana, anyone?).

The verdict? Always pick a theme over a trend because it accepts more interpretations. Plus, it is really timeless. Trends are worn out after one season, but will have a glorious comeback over years. Themes on the other side are always here, like a faithful companion.

Falling into the theme category, here's what triggered the above paragraphs:
"Teen Spirit", Interview March 2010, by Craig McDean

ph. from Fashion Flash

I love this set so much, I've even made one of the shots my wallpaper. Perfect, depending on current mood of course!

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