CFW Day 3: Fashion Shows

The third day didn't include as many events as the previous ones, which was a pleasant change of rhythm for most of the day. In the afternoon, we attended the screening of the documentary Valentino, the last emperor. Some hours after, the shows were scheduled to start. I am curious to know why weren't there as many people as the evening before. In my opinion, this was the best show of the entire event. Maybe it had to do with bringing together more of the established names in the industry, or maybe it had to do with the entire feeling of this particular evening. Or my imagination is playing tricks on me right now. Let's proceed to the collections.

Diana Nita played a very risky card, with a well put together result. More than the adolescent, young feeling to the collection, there was a dose of maturity. The mix between the two aspects made it seem appealing, even though it wasn't about your typical seduction material. The shoes corresponded to the present feeling that floats around in the collective young minds. Girls will never cease to see high heels as the epitome of femininity, but chunky footwear comes closer and closer from behind.

Next was Christelen B. To say I loved everything from that collection would be an understatement. From the footwear, so perfectly combining traditional and modern, to the most covetable clothes. This was definitely a show fit to my taste: playful yet serious, including subtle changes and fading textures one into the other. Sombre colors, but the length and cut of the clothes made them look perfect for any woman, whether she is in her early twenties or already into the forties.

In her show, Claudia Castrase proved that army green, red and black can fuse brilliantly together to define a collection in its entirety. Extremely noticeable were the capes, in all colors and lengths, complementing what would have been otherwise a rather simple, yet classical look. Minimalism acted as a muse, as an inspiration source, fact proven by the simple dresses belted with weaved pieces of fabric in a contrasting color. Grecian goddess? Maybe Diana herself. This would mirror perfectly the spirit of the collection.

Here comes the favorite collection of the night. Mine and everybody else's. Carmen Secareanu put up a marvelous show, almost a performance of the clothes. I was smitten with what I was seeing on stage... speechless. If I remember correctly, at one of the entrances of a model wearing one of the most amazing pieces, the public started to applaud. Clearly, we were all in a state of trance where we couldn't get enough of what we were seeing:

The theme chosen by Iris Serban wasn't new, but the interpretation managed to rescue what could otherwise have been a dull collection. No commonplace here, it was a real vision transmitted, with clothes that didn't necessarily go for the sexy and fitted look even though some edgier ones were present. The volumes played a key part by themselves or balanced by other perfectly fitted pieces. Also, opacity and sheerness were two more of the ideas which counterbalanced themselves in this collection.

Raluca Coman had a self sufficient vision, clearly transmitted and interpreted through the choice of shapes and materials. The main idea was that of a fusion between the upper and bottom part of clothes. The result was often a medium to short garment, similar both to a dress and a pant. The approach was well supported by other functional pieces like dresses, all of them having that ethereal, feminine appeal to them. My only critique would be that these semi-sheer materials are a far cry away from what a FW collection should be and look like. In other terms a runway appropriate collection.

Agnes Toma presented an extremely elegant collection. The kind of clothes which impose respect and a certain attitude if you are lucky enough to wear one. Lace? Check. Fitted blazers and skirts? Check. Classic lengths? Check. It was this type of reality check that was going though my mind while watching these. The materials were absolutely gorgeous and the way lace was superposed onto an opaque material had the wildest (in a good way) effect. But the collection also had some edgier pieces, like the white number on the right in the picture below. What's not to love about that? Another great plus were the white tights or stockings. Whatever they were, the effect was mind-blowing! Oh dear, how, how could I possibly recreate such a look in real life? You tell me:

After all the collections were presented, the event ended with an unexpected explosion: confetti was all over the catwalk, and that moment marked the official closing of this edition of Cluj Fashion Week. Hope for many to come, with the next one already being announced for this fall.

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