CFW Day 2: Fashion Shows

The advantage of falling behind with posting about the fashion shows is that you can make comparisons with what happened the next evening. Ssssh! I would like to be able and somehow erase from my memory the amazing collections that took the stage after the ones from this post but at this point it is quite impossible. At the same time, the ones who were the best of their night prove themselves once again by making a statement impossible to take out of the visual memory. With this in mind, it has to be said that the highlight of Cluj Fashion Week Day 2 was the collection presented by Vika Gorenco. Her collection, although based on knitwear was airy and feminine.

Let's go through some pictures in the order they were presented on the catwalk, just to put you in the mood of the evening...

The show was opened by The University of Timisoara, with a collection still in a rough condition, according to my perception. It was the  type of show clearly put up by students but it lived up to the expectations of the one scheduled to open the night. The black and white theme is classical, yet the geometrical game had a worn air to it. This type of geometry was most seen three or four years ago. It's nothing wrong with that, if only it would have been updated a bit, to make the clothes speak present tense. Otherwise, there were some very nice pieces, as the one in the center of the image below:

What George Neagu presented was a mix between classic, minimalist lines and full on volume role play. There was something in it for everybody. Maybe because of this I felt the collection wasn't as cohesive as it should have been: if you look at the pieces separately, they don't speak the same language. As for the volumes, I liked the interpretation, the surprise factor, but the materials that were employed did nothing to support the cause.

If the subject is volume, here's one piece which I would gladly match a belt to and take for a walk right now:

Next on my list is the collection presented by Anca Ciataras. The volume was augmented to maximum and some eccentric details were added. It was an explosion of materials, ruffles, lines, structure, draping. My personal feeling was that this collection and the very idea of it had more potential that was revealed. Maybe less materials and more volume control. Otherwise, the pieces seemed to be destined to wear on stage by performers. That is not necessarily a bad thing, is it?
The best piece of them all was the one that can be seen on the left below. The shoes! The shoes were really pretty and complemented the extravagant looks quite well.

As I was saying a bit earlier, Vika Gorenco was the shining star of that night. Everyone came out answering her name when asked which collection they liked best. Why? Because it was what a contemporary woman embodies: strength yet femininity, heavy materials but light appearances, an ethereal aura still anchored in the real world. Viewers always respond to that.

The last collection I will focus upon would be that brought by Ioana Covalcic. Some pieces had great potential, because of the major visual impact of the prints. I liked the fact that they seemed somewhat like skeletons, spider webs or butterfly wings yet too abstract for any of these.

The clothes that were destined to be taken right out on the streets had little structures as details at a closer look. A nice twist in the act:

This was just a preview of what the third and final day of this fashion week was, the following  evening...

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