CFW Day 1: Diane Pernet Q&A

I was thinking whether to let it all sink in or jump on board of the temptation train and do a quick post on today’s Q&A with Diane Pernet. Answer? Yes!

Today was the first day with events from Cluj Fashion Week. The official program states the date of 14 to 17 April, but yesterday was mostly a day for welcoming guests and a club party. Speaking about today (15 April), the most anticipated event was the workshop entitled Reality and Imagination with Diane Pernet, Miguel Villalobos, Graham Tabor, Philippe Pourhashemi. In the end, it proved to be a great mix between a conference and a Q&A session. Let's see how it went...

After a last moment change of venue, I landed at the hotel where the conference took place. The thing is, when you spend so much time staring on the internet at fashion shows, fashion people and reading reviews, you have the feeling you somehow know people even you haven't seen them in your life. So the moment I stepped into the lobby, I had the impression I just walked into my computer. Or that the computer got spilled on me. So many people from the fash pack per square meter, it was quite the feeling. Of course, the first one I noticed was Diane Pernet: it is hard not to notice her, especially if you are eye-scouting. Next thing I knew, we were waiting for the elevator next to Wilhemina Arz. And the list could go on.

At the floor where the conference was scheduled, nothing new by now. Many people: press, photographers, designers, bloggers, people from the University of Art and Design Cluj. It wasn’t long until Alin Galatescu, Diane, Miguel, Graham, and Philipe walked inside. Then a mini photo-session started, flashes went on one after the other. Finally, everyone sat down and the conference/Q&A began. All of the guests presented themselves, and they were so inspiring to listen to. They have pleasant presences and made me smile so hard. Diane was extremely funny, but her jokes had that good dose of insight to them.

The question session was opened. At first, nobody dared to ask something, but you know how it is, just get them started… little by little, a real conversation started and things got more and more interesting with each new question. Some general principles/guiding rules of blogging or making art in general were discussed, to put it roughly. I won’t go through all of them now, but fact is I did take notes and boy am I glad I did! Here are just a few scoops: Diane said one must be obsessed with his work, with what he/she does. Eventually, if you are good at it, the talent will shine out. She also mentioned there are people who never made it big because they followed the wrong masters... An inexplicable but true fact. One person mentioned in this sense was Richard Avendon. On the other side, there are other who worked for Nick Knight and they proved themselves, like Craig McDean. Just some famous examples. Diane also admitted networking has a lot to do with success, and that “there are a lot of successful mediocre people because of who they know.”

The discussion pretty much went on and on and of course the subject of fashion blogs was approached multiple times, including the fact about Diane being a pioneer when she started ASVOF (too true!). Also, the delicate problem of choosing what she promotes on the blog or not. Silly me, who thought that was kind of obvious: only those who are good and worth it, of course! Those who are not that good yet, have to work their way up there.

My favorite quote out of the entire Q&A must be this: “Blogs are little monsters: you have to feed them everyday” (Gagalicious, right? Oh, she was also mentioned in the discussion, of course. And Nicola, too!)

Last but not least, Diane revealed she is collaborating with Tavi to choose the best film maker on Talent House. Imagine what a great news! Until today, I only knew about the Naomi Campbell gig on Talent House. There were some press releases about that a while ago. Anyway, it seems this is one platform worth to keep an eye on or even to participate in, why not?

The event ended with a trailer of the ASVOFF screening which will take place on Saturday. Can’t wait!

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