Ugg boots: a debate

The attitude towards ugg boots varies from person to person, as does any preference. Frankly speaking, choosing to wear these boots is such a no-brainer sometimes you can’t actually blame people for wanting to feel comfortable during a long, long day. I am telling you because when I was asked to mention this new store*, I didn’t know what to answer. The site aims to present guides on comfortable fashion and ugg boots. There you have it. One of the most discussed footwear in the last few years. This article focuses on my personal thoughts on the subject.
Are ugg boots still a trend? Did they ever stop being one? Should we write their name with a capital letter? It's not like we are writing Louboutin. Questions, questions… it’s time to break down the problem into the two obvious categories: comfortableness and aesthetic.

Warm and comfy?

There are no other reasons why people choose to wear uggs the entire winter. One would say their time was up, but judging by what I have seen during the last cold months in the city, uggs are not going anywhere. On the contrary, it seems even more pairs were to be seen. Anywhere, in any shape and color. This can't be good… I wouldn't deny that they are comfortable, but so is a nice pair of short boots with fur on the inside…
Another remark that must be made is that uggs are the easy approach for people who wish to have a fast feel-good sensation which can make them go through the longest day. From my friends to celebrities, everyone has fallen hard for uggs. Naturally, people wonder what the buzz is all about. Then they try a pair on and that's that.

ph. credit: The Style Scout

Appearances do matter

Uggs have been blaimed for making feet look bigger and unattractive. The design is quite unflattering if we analise the problem a little bit closer. But how else their warmness and comfortableness could have been attained? Exactly. If you, just like me, have been tracing this trend ever since it emerged (circa 2003), you sure know how fast it was spreading at one point. I think it was actress Sienna Miller who first introduced the ugg boots to an international audience by wearing them all the time. Literally all the time. Then all remaining celebrities on the planet followed suit. We have learned since then that uggs can be worn not only with tight pants or jeans, but also with skirts, long dresses for a boho-chic look. Let's not dwelwe further into that, but keep in mind all these outfits were not enhanced by a pair of uggs; on the contrary, everyone noticed them by contrast…

Yes, some people choose to wear uggs around the house, especially in colder climates, as some sort of slippers. This is something I can picture: cozy fireplace and pyjamas and sweaters. Streetwear? Not that much. Ugg-ly.

But pssst! Word is that Ugg will team up with no other than Jimmy Choo for a capsule collection due to arrive October 2010. The collection will be available in an exclusive limited distribution, with prices between $495-$795.

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