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Maybe it would be useful to have some sort of an additional key right above Caps Lock which could toggle on and off this types of images. So, depending on the mood you are on that day, you would only be shown soft (maybe pastel?) images.

I wanted to share this editorial shot for Elle Indonesia March 2010. Maybe it could be interpreted to be a casual Alice in Wonderland. Even though Alice is always casual, why is everyone trying to make her to appear high-maintenance? So, I have read the book (years ago), listened to related songs, adored the rabbit, saw the older movies, now the only thing left to do is to see the latest remake. Oh. And maybe incorporate something into everyday life which is inspired by... the trend?

editorial: Blooming Belle
magazine: ELLE Indonesia March 2010
photography by luki for lukimages
assistant: Ari and Teuku Ajie
fashion stylist: Amanda Prihutomo
make up and hair: Diana Ross
model: Zsanette (Profile management)

Another thing why I love these photos is because they are not overdone. Not too sweet and by any means not cheesy. Just reachable, approachable, but yes: styled to perfection. Plus, I love the little kid that appears in a couple of photos. All this atmosphere even makes gardening look like fun!

Sweet treats,

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  1. wow,surprising me bcos those pics from indonesia and as an indonesian girl i didnt know about soooo amazing! love it <3333



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