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One of my biggest soft spots when it comes to all-time favorite trends has to be the usage of leather. In 2010, this trend is done better and with more panache than ever before. Everything can be made of leather and look amazing, even classy if I may say so. It is high time we let go of the trashy aspect that once involved leather in its every form. Leather is mainstream, baby!

All looks taken from the FW 2010 shows. Photos via

Sure, fitted leather dresses were all the rage a few months ago, if I remember correctly. The hype got even bigger when Angelina Jolie rocked the look. From then on, everyone was doing it. The good news is that leather is almost a chameleonic material. It can be colored in so many hues that the possibilites of styling it become endless. This year, the best option are the classic earthy tones. My personal choice would still be something in a cool grey shade or an electric green. Who said black is the safe option?

Even more than conventional pieces, leather can be converted into other hot pieces like: short shorts, capes, leggings, a classic trench and surely, those thigh-high boots that guided our fashion-y ways through the past months. Surely, the easiest way to incorporate leather into a daily look is by using some sort of accessory that matches your style. The effort will be smaller, but chances are the effects stay the same. Think bags, shoes, belts, or even a leather wallet. Until next autumn comes, I think I will stick to my vast collection of bags to get me through summer. Goodness, still no sign in finding a proper storage place from them. But the shoes are safely kept. Hopefully they will be worn again soon because the sun outside smiles so promising!

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