On trends, flesh and skeletons

Taking how fashion editorials roll in at the speed of light it is hard to keep your eyes on one for more than a few minutes. Many of them are remarkable and so on, but this fast forward trend is making us forget most of them at least for a while.

Now, recycling past concepts for new spreads has become a trend in itself. One of the first examples to come to mind is the excessive use of the McQueen platforms. They are... pieces of art, but they became so popular we end up seeing them all over the places (note: mags). Where has the exclusivity gone? How come an exclusive piece suddenly becomes mainstream? Does McQueen's death have anything to do with it? This is puzzling and yes, a little bit disturbing. The way I see it, the last work of a brilliant designer should just be put on  a pedestal and be admired instead of prancing it around in eds.

This being said, let's focus a bit onto what the same McQueen brought back to our minds: the shape of skeletons showing. The skeleton print leggings were a glamorous take on the concept and obviously, they have become all the rage. Surely, a lot of knock-offs took suit and so the skeleton trend has become mainstream (also known under the name of anatomical...)

Oh, and how could we forget about the McQueen skeleton luggage, skeleton key chain, bangles, rings, dress, clutch and the list could go on forever. Just take a look at this particular look from the Pre-Spring collection to admire a pair of "flesh lace leggings". Perfecto!

With all these things considered, let's just enjoy some photos form Vogue Korea April 2010, which caused all of the above rambling after all....

ph. credits and more: Fashionography

Title: Lovely Bones
Magazine: Vogue Korea April 2010
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Photographer: Rafael Stahelin

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