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Sometimes I feel grateful (and lucky!) to benefit from random splashes of memory on certain matters. I wanted to post about this in ages, but hey, better late than never, right?
Here it is: LVMH and Parsons The New School for Design teamed up in one special project centered around a problem we should all be more aware of: craftsmanship. More specifically, crafts are slowly fading away in America (and not only, if I may add) so the main purpose is to get them back in the spotlight again. More info can be found here.

The idea was to bring together students and this world of undying art. The event happened during New York Fashion Week, so now you now how late I am in highlighting it. I am particularly in love with the title: “The Art of Craftsmanship Revisited: New York”, it gives some clear directions to follow when looking at the designs. Find below a more detailed description of the project.

And here is where the fun begins: the teams of students were assigned to a master artisan, from various domains. Imagine the insights such a person can give! The final idea was to get inspired from the experience and come up with fashion ensembles and short films related to the subject of the study. The winners will be announced later on. Oh, the curiosity!

Still wondering what LVMH has to do with all of this? Here's what Bernard Arnault said: "Beyond ephemeral fashions, it is the values of quality and durability which are forever attached to the Group's brands. The handicraft expertise of our products, their unique history and legacy, the truly iconic designs that distinguish our creations - all of these characteristics take on particular importance for us, as the leading luxury group, enforcing and perpetuating our solid values."

I can't stop appreciating the way these important persons see things from the high pedestal on which they are. It is amazingly well thought, ingenious, and... fearless!

Take some time to check this particular post written by Queen Gilda, student at Parsons, who was involved in the entire project. Ah-mazing! Make you sure you make serious time to read it from one end to the other.

P.S. Please read this Sustainability Manifesto from Parsons too, it will be worth your while.

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