Fall-Winter 2010: Playing Along

One thing is certain: if you are keeping an eye on the latest Fall-Winter 2010 collections, you must have noticed that they are the crème de la crème of what those seasons mean. The collections keep rolling in and even at this fast pace, it's hard not to appreciate how good they are. Once you go all crazy for one collection, the next seems to top it. In such a short time, it is quite hard to properly digest anything. This is one of the reasons I didn't want to turn this post into a favorite FW collections. That and the fact that was the easier approach.

Let's focus instead on the remarkable playfulness some of the designers shower us with. Balenciaga? I would certainly say that while watching it, loads of childhood memories popped up in mind. From the shoes onto the clothes (one must check out the shoes first, these can make an outfit heavenly or... not that much) everything I saw was a grown-up playground.
This is fashion by a unique originator who sources all his ideas in the industrial, scientific, computer-generated possibilities of the twenty-first century. style.com on Balenciaga FW 2010
Yes, you could call it that too. But it is essentially young, fun, flirty! Oh, and the shoes, since I have mentioned them: LEGO, anyone?

photos from purple DIARY, collages by me

Next stop? Something quite similar I would say, that left me with a soft spot: Giles FW 2010. Of course, Giles always makes me swoon with each new collection. This FW one is certainly very Giles. The twist is that it mixed not futuristic or urban influences as the Balenciaga collection, but vintage ones. Yes, straight from the 60s comes a delicious mix of playfulness with sobriety. Did I just say sobriety? Well, why not go for bathrobes to make things even? 

Surely, this collection speaks to all women who want to feel and look classy yet to let their inner child out once in a while. There were two bags which focused on this idea, the one resembling an oversized mascot being my favorite. Please note the matching runway! Walking in style and in an coordinated environment, that certainly was the best aspect of the show.

photos from purple DIARY, collages by me

There is nothing better to liven up autumn a bit than clothes that seem "imported" from Spring-Summer shows. Why yes, this idea certainly tickles me fancy. But then again, seasons are not what they used to in real life either...

P.S. I will be back in a week with fresh posts. Until then, please feel like home and take your time to browse, there are over 900 posts to go through! ;)
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