Cutting a long story short

Since it appears my brain won't pull itself together to finish already the post that was in the works, will twist a coin. And guess what? It decided I should share with you my new haircut.
Now don't you think I am being superficial. Fact is, I haven't shown myself (or my face) around here since Christmas. What happened? Well, here is some kind of update. At least now you know who are you talking to. Hi! 

My hair is now in three up to five different shades and colors form various changes it's been through. But I am taking that blonde off, little by little. Last time I have had bangs was around three, four years ago. It took almost a year to grow them out because they were just a few centimeters long, in an asymmetrical cut. Let's see how much time I will keep it up before I let these grow out too. Hm-hm.

Sweet treats,


  1. You look amazing! Please treat us with this close up picture standing up too, my neck hurts from looking at it sideways:)

  2. your wish is my command :) here it is! xx


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