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Have I ever reviewed a magazine here? I think so. But let's do it again! The Spring Fling edition of Cellardoor magazine is on the loose! If you are up for a good dose of pastels, fashion editorials, interviews with people of the moment, there are a full 110 pages awaiting.

Ok, so here is somewhat of an appetizer of what can be found in the magazine: From noughtie to nice (a look back on the past 10 years: iPod! Facebook! blogs! YouTube!), And god created the gap-toothed beauty (a celebration of Brigitte Bardot), Remember her name (on Zara Martin, the new up and coming it girl).

These right here are my favorite words from this issue: "We don't think Lewis Carroll ever realised how big Alice would get without drinking her potion, but we think he'd be very proud of her." (Welcome to Wonderland)

Surely, I am always up for a little bit of light and sweet fashion which comes in doses. Full pages packed with all sorts of beautiful photos come together with hand drawings in a mixed-media concept. This shows being very much into what is going on right now. The spirit of let's do it ourselves kind of magazines is not going anywhere. On the contrary, it sprung even more over the last couple of years. This is a good sign: creative people should not put their ideas on hold. Good job, Amy and Jade! xx

Sweet treats,

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