Atelier Versace SS 2010

And my favorite must be this blue number, embroidered with a feather motif in the same fabric as the dress:

source and more: tfs

These look gorgeous, everything one could expect from Versace. The Atelier surely is filled with the essence of what Versace stands for... It is great to see a reinterpretation of historical values done in an non-literal way. But what am I saying here? The images above are speaking for themselves and Kasia Struss is the perfect warrior. I predict we will see several from pieces this collection on a red carpet. Coming soon...

Sweet treats,


  1. This is a stunning collection from Versace Atelier, the heart of couture. Not trashy at all just very very beautiful in an artistically pleasing way. The use of colour is sublime and flattering, wow! Thank you for posting

  2. Yes, these are indeed stunning pieces. Perfect, right? Glad you like them!


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