You're in the army... again.

I am not sure if I am the only one here, but I am terribly scared of the military trend being IT again.

There were signs this will eventually become mainstream again, but military should be done in a subtle way, not with olive green all over an entire outfit. Because an outfit which fits into the military category should have just a few touches, maximum two elements. Three is already overdone, but since it's the limit it could be taken eventually. Plus, my dears, do you really think you are fooling anyone into believing you spent a single day in a military unit? I don't think so.

Vogue US March 2010 and Vogue Paris Bijoux March 2010
all photos:

Let's trace back where all this started from recently: Balmain! Forever and always, one of my favorite collections. Irrespective of how much any other designer or label will try to come up with variations, it will be in vain. This was just one brilliant, exquisite collection, where the army/military style was perfectly integrated into a larger conceptual view. Please, please magazine editors, stop focusing on the explicit aspect! And I blame you, Vogue, you are the source of all evil this time! Plain, overdone trends are not fun. Or cool, for that matter.
Compare and contrast:

Balmain SS2010

Another short note, from a completely different angle. According to this article (thank you Carola!), the military trend is a fear-based one. It states that individuals feel the need to protect themselves and being strong.
The Protect & Survive* trend is about being strong, taking back control, making do with what you have around you, and bonding with family, friends and neighbours over common threats.
This socio-economic consumer trend is manifesting itself in several different style trends.
* Protect & Survive was a series of information films produced by the British government in the early 1980s to help Britons survive a potential nuclear war. [...] It is not just the protective aspect of Military styles that appeals. As post-Recession consumers decide they need to be more disciplined in their spending, the discipline of the Army becomes more appealing. Military discipline is already inspiring fashion shoots (e.g. the ‘Boot Camp’ spread in the new issue of France’s ‘L’Equipe Sport & Style’).
I totally agree with the deeper meanings of this particular trend, but at the same time I am absolutely convinced it can be done in a nonliteral way. Just throwing on a fishnet green blouse doesn't mean a hit on the trend. No, no! Christophe Decarnin (viva Balmain) showed us it is much more (or less) than that.

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  1. I love this grunge take on the military style on the runway images!


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