Why are your eyes sooo big?

I may be stuck in a somewhat repetitive line over here, but this is the truth: I love stories.

There's nothing like a good story to fill your day, even if it's only about a single illustration from it or a few savvy words.

Do you agree?



Anyway, here's something I thought it would make a perfect illustration for the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Sure, if the girl herself was indeed so... sophisticated, maybe the wolf wouldn't have eaten her at all. He would have been scared off! Ha.

On another note. Candy-colored hair is here to stay.

Or at least it's quite a safe statement to make taking into account the fact that everybody's doing it for, how long has it been...? Half an year? Think so. And it is going stronger. Power!

P.S. Here is the rest of the editorial (ph. credits: fashiongonerogue.com).

And here is a more realistic approach on the theme of illustrating fairytales/stories. Featuring Sasha, of course. Enjoy!

Sweet treats,

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