What do I do with old magazines?

Well, that was pretty much self explanatory. What can be seen above cuts across an entire wall in my work and study room. Of course, it serves as an inspiration source, and it gets rearranged from time to time according to mood, since the summer of 2008. Not everything at once though.

It takes a good couple of hours to fix everything into place if I am starting from zero. The decorative net (two of them actually, fixed to stay together) is bought years ago from an interior decorations shop. It took one day to fix the basis of the installation in place. Then, content is king as they say. The only problem is to find the right pages to properly cover the white space, then keep them in place with paper clips.

The hat is vintage and I bought it on a trip to Bucharest a couple of years ago. It is placed there to complement the red Chloe boots in the photo below. Yes, really.
I can not cut or tear pages from the newest magazines, I confess. Those are safely deposited on uncountable shelves and well, pretty much pilling up with every month that passes. I do love to go through them once in a while, and strangely I find myself remembering old editorials, interviews and so on. Hard to believe I would throw them away some day. 
Maybe I will give collages a chance when I will be in the mood. The kind of collage which involves glue or duct tape and many cardboards I still have left from various school projects.

Sweet treats,


  1. Amazing, what a great ideea! I have tons of magazines at home and had no idea on how to revive them. I was thinking of glueing them directly on the walls of my room, but then I couldn't replace them or change their positon. I will have think of some kind of installation. Without using nails and a hammer, wouldn't want to get hurt:)

  2. This amazing I will definantly try it ou thanks for the comment btw.


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