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In the past few days, some interesting news from the Romanian fashion scene have taken my inbox by storm. I am very glad to hear about all these and hope things will turn out even more spectacular in the future. Today I will just have to cram all these into one post, as I was (due to strict timeframes) unable to mention them all on time as they appeared. But no fret, things shouldn't pass by unmentioned. And I love doing this especially when a few days have passed and the hype is not at its heights anymore. So let's turn up the volume! (Or as Anna Wintour would say: "Please, let's lift it.")

Our first mention for the day and the one which deserves more hypes than others is the upcoming Cluj-Napoca Fashion Week. Sadly enough, but Pasarela 2010 and Romanian Fashion Week won't be happening this year. So the stakes have been raised quite high for CNFW. The event will take place during the 14th-17th of April, at the Colors Events&Ballroom Cluj.

International designers will come together at Cluj, from countries such as Poland, Hungary or Austria. Among the Romanian designers who will be participating at FW stand Claudia Castrase, Livia Mihu, Manuela Zamfir, LuLuAh, Mihaela Ciurlugea and many others.
For more info on the subject, make sure to "haunt" the official Facebook account and follow @CN_Fashion_Week on Twitter. Adina Necula is in charge of fashion PR, and will keep us updated on her blog, too.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am since it will take place in my hometown and start on my birthday. Quite a nice way to remember both events, right? Mark your calendars!

Second thing that landed in my inbox was a highlight of Maria Filipescu attending the Pret a Porter Paris exhibit this year. Many great Romanian designers among which my favourites must be Irina Schrotter and Elena Perseil were present. See the entire list here.

According to my sources, Maria was the only Romanian jewelery designer to attend this year. She was included in the stand of Les filles d’ailleures. Let's keep fingers crossed for that next year she will have her own place.

Last but not least on my sharing list for today is the launching of the new La Redoute Catalogue for Spring/Summer 2010. The event took place in Bucharest on the 2nd of February (see how late am I to highlight this, but nevertheless here it is).

I couldn't make it to the event, but some of my fellow bloggers were there to personally find out about new trends, products and styling suggestions. I loved to see photos, it seemed like a lot of fun with a crowd of great people.
The best part (and news, alltogether) is that the products on the site are "refreshed" with products directly form France. And while you are visiting the site, you might as well go see the blog too. It's very well put together and updated frequently. La Redoute proves that it can strengthen its place on the Romanian market with professionalism and care towards clients and public.

Sweet treats,

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