How to revamp yourself or the VB show

The title in itself suggest somekind of a mash-up between celebrity designers and... professional designers. Frankly, the first time I heard that Victoria had taken the designer job too, I raised both my eyebrows in circumspection. Will that be another "celebrity" line, without absolutely nothing else than the name to set it apart from mass-consumption items?

It is somehow interesting that the second year into creating seasonal shows, Victoria proves she can really keep up with a certain line and expand on the idea. More or less obvious, the same aesthetic goes in all the collections. She proves that she can do evening, business, cocktail and even casual to some extent. All in all, the clothes stay true to what she is regularly photographed wearing. Is this just a huge business setup or does she really envision a certain point of view then stick to it both in personal and professional life?

Fact is, VB is one of the celebrities to have the ability to stand out from the crowd, either by refusing to smile at the paparazzi, or by refusing to get down from her sky-high heels. Even though the last hypothesis went down the drain for at least one occasion.

What seems to bug people, generally speaking, is others trying to look impeccable and succeeding it. Carrying a vision (and an entire attitude for that matter) from real life to catwalk is an achievement. Not to mention if it keeps going on collection after collection. Whoever buys VB clothes surely wants to reach the same level of exquisiteness. So, what is wrong with that? Especially if sexy and edginess can be translated into professional attire, business suits and slouchy (to some degree) gowns.

What we are witnessing here is one celebrity who firstly managed to create a public and recognizable image of herself then translate it into an organized and commercial vision. VB descended gracefully into the international fashion scene without making too big of a fuss, with a clear personal input and view. The target buyers belong to a particular niche which clearly seems to grow and evolve at the same pace as the collections. 

I love the roleplay that is visible in the latest collection: at a first glance, it could be said all the models are (Victoria) copycats, from the cuts and silhouettes to the omnipresent glasses. But then there is something more that manages to make every outfit particular: an attractive simplicity. Soon enough, as by chain reaction, everybody finds themselves scream: we want a piece of you!

The conclusion: once again, discover the niche, give it a twist, something new, innovate a bit without trying too hard, and most of all, keep it personal. Is that the recipe Victoria?

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