Girls and Faux Fur Coats

With each month passing by the wish for spring to come faster increases exponentially. But it will surely get warmer until, say, the middle of march so there is just one month to go. Personally, I can not even begin to tell you how much I wish to wear again all those spring dresses which are somehow locked in the closet for now.

On the bright side (yes, that does exist) it is more than convenient that the cold season offers the possibility of mixing materials and textures like no other. When else is it appropriate to wear silk and fur at the same time, for example? In winter of course! I randomly came across this thought this morning when I was standing quite puzzled in front of the closet trying to figure out what to wear. Almost anything in the closet, no matter how thin it was could have been integrated into a fully warm outfit. Not to mention a fur coat thrown over and voilà! Faux fur, yes.

This is why I have put together some outfits incorporating faux fur. For better results I took some time to play around illustrate using Looklet. There are three different looks, each outfit having a different style form the others: softer (by my definition) or edgier. Without further ado, here are the three girls. The common item is a black H&M faux fur coat.

Remember you can click on each image to see the back and portrait view.

Girl #1: She wouldn't let bright colors go for anything in the world. Whether it's summer or winter, she always incorporates flowers into her outfit either by extravagant accessories or in the form of prints. She likes to spend her time going from library to library in search of the most comprehensive albums of modern art. After that she chooses one or two to buy. Her house is full of vintage and unique pieces of furniture, none of them from the same set as the others. She sings the modern eclectic song and never gets tired.

Girl #2: Meet our rock'n roll diva. No matter the occasion (or the venue) she will appear wearing her signature dark-hued clothes. But this doesn't mean she forgets to throw some of feminine accents in the mix. High heels are a must. So are long necklaces, in stacks if possible. Her greatest pleasure is to attend all sorts of openings or inaugurations where her friends invite her often. She is the attraction of the evening almost every time. In her spare time, she really loves to spend time at home, sitting on the couch and watching TV, together with her Doberman.

Girl #3: This is how bohemian chic is done in 2010. No more of the country relaxation air to it. This girl knows how to rock the town and make it play by her own rules. She has one more year to go until she finishes her studies, but she already knows she wants to become a teacher. A really cool one, that is. Her favorite pastime is, what else, reading e-books and listen to the latest indie tracks.

It seems that this type of posts is slowly turning into a some kind of a regular one. You can find similar installments here:

Listed above in no particular order. I sure hope I didn't forget about any other post. Click, click and enjoy!

Sweet treats,

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