Diary 1

This is the start for a different approach I have decided to incorporate into this blog, in the form of a "separate blank" page. "Separate" and "blank" because it will not have anything to do with the rest of my content which is most often written in a more direct approach to you, my readers. That is why this will consist of more analytical and niche-focused ideas. Niche as far as fashion territory goes, anyway. This first installment of the Diary was partially inspired by a community debate. Here and here as far as I know.

News "seeding"
Bloggers are being pitched on a daily basis with a dozen or more emails from various companies or brands. This could mean that the ones pitching really want the bloggers to comment and give an opinion, but it is mainly because they want some form of publicity: Bad publicity is still publicity. Yes, I am generalizing a bit: not everyone is a publicity hunter and this shouldn't stop bloggers to comment how much they like on the subject they are being pitched on.
But surprise, surprise! Most of the time bloggers do not comment in a consistent manner. And you know why? Because almost no one who reads now is really interested in specifically focused niche opinions. Those who write are underestimated with the etiquette of "being a naive blogger" most of time.

The other side of the story: magazines publishing articles about bloggers as a "fun-fact":  Hey, how nice, to have a blog and be invited to this and that and have your picture taken. No attention for pertinent comments bloggers write on their blogs, neither the effort that is constantly made. But why are bloggers still writing (besides pleasure)? When being a magazine editor is in itself a full time job and payed like one? Until they reach that point, bloggers will not have a true, real word to say. Or at least that is how I see it now.

Here we reach the point where experience comes in. When news (read: pitching mail) comes from credible sources, they get published, right? Probably in a raw state as... news. That again does not set aside the possibility of commenting on the side: but why do it, in regards to CNFW, if it came as a good news within all the other events being cancelated? Much news were not available either, it was said to be soon to come. Online experience is the only one that can help differentiate between publishable and unpublishable news. 

Professional? Act like one.
Blogging is a side personal project. What makes it different from a day job, it is being the hobby. If the hobby can one day replace the job, well, I am sure that is what every fashion blogger dreams of. I am following that path and all I have accomplished until now is because of great persons who believed in me, what and how I can deliver. That is why I will always be grateful to them. Thank you! But I will not stop here, knowing I can go further. It's my way, my game.

One of my goals is to locate myself as a professional in this area. I know it is hard, I am feeling it everyday but the fact that this blog still goes on even after two and a half years says something. Plus, practice makes perfect. I usually write much more than can be seen here, so at the end of the day personal satisfaction is counted in piles.

One of the many lessons I learnt is that the first step to being considered a professional is acting like one. And it is high time that fashion bloggers were considered as such. Blogging is a very new activity and until now it has been considered as being a baby. Of course, I totally agree. But let's rise that baby into an grown-up already. The internet and some brilliant minds can make that happen in no time. Information travels and thoughts sparkle! I rely on you too, you know who you are, to make this happen surely and steadily.

Knowing who you speak for
We should not forget about our present visitors. They are the ones who power our blogs, and those for whom we started making things happen here the way they do now. But this might be just the time to grow our public by incorporating more readers with slightly different approaches. This is the reason why this post is entitled "Diary" and it is totally different from what gets posted here everyday. It is a new and sporadic presence for now, but in time I hope it will gain more power. Also, it should help me improve my professional voice better, on a somewhat regular blogging basis, besides my usual stunts.

Everybody is learning here, even you who read this now. But to build a strong community niche it is clearly imperative to give up the naiveties. I would like to bring my contribution to the table with this post. At the same time, I would like to reserve my rights of deciding what goes here as a valuable content and what not. If that info is truly useful to my public and relevant to be commented upon. I don't want to feel intimidated if i didn't mention something just because "it is news" or "everyone did it". I want to say no and yes to publishing news, to be selective. That is the problem with the fashion sphere nowadays. And I assure you, everything that eventually appears here on the blog is because I find it truly informative.
I have not approached the .ro fashion scene more often because I did not feel it had much discussion ground to offer; not enough power in its own feet (per total, besides isolated talents) as to stand straight facing fashions from other countries. I hope that will soon change, with a contribution from my part included.

"2010 is a really great year to be a blogger"

Video made by Mary Scherpe from Stil in Berlin. The video was presented at PREMIUM Exhibitions panel on Fashionblogs. It features Suzy Menkes, Yvan Rodic (Facehunter), Jennie Tamm (The Coveted) and Julia Knolle and Jessie Weiss (LesMads), sharing their opinion on fashion blogs.

P.S. Maybe this was "Diary 0"?

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