The democratization of nearly everything

I hope you are as excited as me to be following the latest things happening in the mist of fashion week. New looks and collections are popping from each newly opened tab and this is beyond delicious.

None of these would have been possible (without a terrible delay anyway) if the internet wasn't so good to us all. I mean twitter, live streaming, you name it. Living during fashion week as a total outsider (as in not physically there) is easier. Imagine having to wait even a day to see the first photos? No way today!

The always astounding Natalia Vodianova at Alexander Wang AW 2010 (via)

More on Fall 2010 when all collections will be shown. What I wanted to write today in the first place was how much I love going through blogs and personal writings of people that have a real journalistic job in real life. How they manage to have a fresh content, unrelated to the magazine, running their own blogs with great success and nonrepetitive information. I like to visit some of these blogs even though I still don't have more than a small bunch. Such an inspiration! Beautiful minds attract beautiful readers, right?

What blogs do you find inspiring?

Have a delicious Sunday and forget about Monday!

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