3, 2, 1... and the industry goes live!

Have you watched a presentation form this NY Fashion Week in real time? I am asking because my twitter is on fire whenever the fashion pack is all eyes and keyboards on duty. Unfortunately I wasn't online to see the Alexander Wang livestream, but Carola, Nookie and Dada were and boy, they did a great job at commenting!

Keep this in mind and think about a lazy Sunday evening when I had the huge luck of running into the Calvin Klein men livestream five minutes before it started. Aaah yes! Unfortunately that time not all the girls were on positions, but some very nice comments did get swapped. So, for this not to happen again, this is when then next livestreams are to be watched:

>>> Rodarte AW 2010, New York Fashion Week: 16 February 2010, 17.00 GMT / 12.00 EST on SHOWstudio.

Fashion photographer Nick Knight is the one behind the visual presentation of both Alexander Wang and Rodarte collections. His website SHOWstudio is the online host, and the videos still are viewable after the livestream, in an initiative supported by Mercedes-Benz. From here:
"I see the future of fashion weeks around the world as not only a physical schedule of shows, but also as a digital calendar of fashion experiences online, which bridge the industry and consumer experience," said Nick Knight, Director of SHOWstudio. "When the industry talks about the 'future of fashion weeks' this is ultimately where they will arrive." (from here)

>>> Proenza Schouler AW 2010, 17 February, livestreams here. The next 24 hours after the online collection debut, pre-orders can be placed for a selection of straight-off-the-runway fall 2010 handbags. Instant hit!

P.S. Marc Jacobs AW 2010 was yesterday. The video and all the looks are on display here, in a super presentation. Enjoy it again and again!

P.P.S. A look from the Rebecca Taylor AW 2010 show. Hi-res via knightcat:

Even though it is so fine to watch fashion shows in real time, comfortably seated at home, it is just one more out of the many ways of companies to pre-sell their name and image. This is quite far from what an entire fashion week comprises, judging by the number of names in the schedule. But the fact that the big brands with equivalent economical power make their show available practically to anyone in the world as it it happens, that is definitely something to be grateful for.

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