Unusual becomes Default

These photos were taken with the sole purpose of showing my crazy-colored manicure. I love putting on an all-black ensemble, maybe some red boots and go for the full surprise effect! My nail polish collection has grown so big, I have no idea how. Ok, maybe a do; a bit, hahah. Take a look at the first attempt back in October. Time does fly so fast!

The nailpolish newcomers are a bright red bought for Christmas, a hot pink bought for everyday usage and a yellow one bought for fun. I think these blend pretty well together, don't they?

Please bare with me this week until I finish the greatest part of work I have to do! Hopefully after that things will be more peaceful and more action-packed for the blog!

Keep an eye out for Style Basis 2010 Part 2!

Also, you can follow me on Twitter, I am frequently updating with goodies, yum! xx

Sweet treats,


  1. Amazing colors! These pictures are beautiful :)

  2. thank you! you should definitely try doing this type of manicure too, it's so invigorating! xxxo


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