Trend Forecast: -10°C and Cake!

Hi, hello, how are you? I hope none of you has completely frozen out there, from those who are also confronting winter this time of the year. Speaking of which, I love seeing on random blogs people who can take advantage of sun, skirts, dresses, beach walks. Oh the simple joys of life!

So what do have the minus degrees and cake in common? Well, they complete each other! Like alpha and omega! You see, the fastest way to recover energy is by eating sweets. (Or at least by my book it is.) If there are any doctors in the house, please correct me. And since cake is a trend for a while now, in this times of extremely harsh weather it is time to bring it on again! Ok, watch this Marie Antoinette video (again), it will make your day/evening. Have a lovely one!

P.S. One of the greatest sweet treat for me would be some Ladurée macaroons. So anyone in Paris reading this and have some to spare, you can sincerely send'em my way! I will have greatest care of them, promiseee!

Sweet treats,

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