Style basis for 2010 #2

“Fashion is like chicken soup: it should make you feel better.”
(you can read part one here)

♠ Glasses.
These do not top the list just because I wear them too, but simply because they earned their status as one of the higher fashion staples. They are keeping their #1 spot into the hearts of many of the fashion world personalities. Funny thing is, more and more people sport a pair of fancy glasses just occasionally, not because they actually have eye problems. And that tells a lot about just how much of a role fashion glasses have. Let’s go back a bit on how a pair of glasses can boost the visual interest for an everyday outfit. If you choose a bright colored pair of glasses, you just made sure everyone around you will notice them. The reason? Well, the eyes are the first thing we see at a person. We recognize people based on their eyes&eyebrows area. Did you know that? Well, now you do. No more excuses for not jumping on the glasses bandwagon! Also, should I even mention the so called geek glasses? If you want to make a statement all by yourself, choose a dark blue or green pair, even crystal-embellished. Wear those to a party or have fun experimenting with them all day long!

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♠ A statement bag.
These couple of words speak for themselves. However, let’s go into what makes an ordinary bag be a special one; it’s all in the overall design, color or accessories. The ideal case is choosing a timeless piece. Sure, not all of us have the money to dish out on Birkins or the likes of it , but if you follow some simple guidelines, it should get you just as close. Go and hunt down a minimalistic design, medium or large size (for everyday use) and in a single, power color: black, tan, navy. If you want something more out there, dark red should be your option, as well as olive. Think about it, bags are just like boots: you can never go wrong with a classic design&color.
For boys: Since the backpack time is long gone and usually all you need during the day easily fits your pockets, why even bother bag hunting? Well, it’s not bag hunting literally, but something to carry some extras like an agenda, bottled water, a pair of glasses will surely be needed form time to time. So try getting a lightweight man-bag, preferably made of waterproof materials, with a sporty touch if you are not the buseinessman type. Go at the store, try out a few models, make a few steps around carrying it, check the pockets, the zippers and make your choice.

♠ Lots of bracelets and rings.
These are a duo that will always be fashionable, regardless of what trends are popular. Clothes come and go, but jewellery stays the same. You sure know what I am talking about, as did Marilyn when she said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend in Gentlemen prefere blondes (1953). Who could say she was wrong? Not us! We should just limit our budgets, diamonds on a daily basis are not something easy to have (or wear for that matter). This is why a more valid option is a thick stack of silver or crystal-encrusted bangles wore at the same time on one wrist. For the ring lovers out there like yours truly, I would personally recommend gigantic yet simple rings in sliver because gold could just be too much. By the way, silver and gold can make a nice combination, but be carefull not the cross the line, it is quite a tricky problem. Limit, limit, limit!

♠ A camera.
If you are one of those who don’t have a spectacular visual memory or simply like to take the sights with you, your bag surely holds a camera at all times. I know I almost always do… Probably what you are thinking right now is whether the camera on your phone counts. Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes because is the most easy to use, especially when something happens suddenly. No because the quality of the photos might not be as good as with a tiny compact camera. And if you shot something you would like to take a closer look at, or print, you might have to give up the idea. That is why I would advise to take the camera with you wherever you go. Just slide it in the pocket, it can come in quite handy, I promise! Plus: “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

♠ Nail polish.
Uh-oh, what would we do without it? I am terrified by the thought and even more terrified by the hights that my own nail polish collection is taking. The more contrasting with the clothes you have on, the better. Right now, the most appreciated colors are the power ones. Bright, bold hues like hot pink, green, yellow, blue! For the classic look, one can always turn to a French manicure or… even pitch black. You can’t go wrong with neither of these whether you are wearing jeans and a crop top or the most amazing evening dress. Surely, on the top of the do do list on this chapter you simply have to try the “each nail in a different color” style. It looks and feels so good! Plus, the color combinations are endless! Bonus points if you remember not to do both hand symmetrically.

This was it, bonbons, some ideas for this new year. Enjoy and always have fun!

Sweet treats,

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  1. Those glasses are seriously CUTE. xoxo

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