Style Basis 2010 ~ Part 1

Hello bonbons! Happy New Year! I am back and in full force already. Because we have just started a new year, a new chapter, I have put together some ideas and wardrobe suggestions for this fresh start we were just presented with.

It’s basically an essential list of stuff anyone should own. You will see it covers pretty much anything you could think of in your wardrobe, jewellery or beauty case. I will take you from shoes and bags, to clothes, glasses, jewellery and nailpolish. The rest you will have to discover for yourself as you read on.

At some of the points you will find included some related suggestions for boys. They should be stylish too, right? Nothing too over the top, just practical advice. Hope you will enjoy the ride, so gather in front of the screen, fasten your seatbelts and let’s go!

Starting from bottom to top, we have…

♠ Flat shoes. A comfortable pair will have to make its way into your closet right away. Not only because they are extremely comfortable, but also because they are very good-looking if you make the right choice. And listen here girls! More and more boys start to admit the fact that they like to see girls wearing flats. No, really! I am amazed myself, and this news is definitely contradicting the sexy high heels theory. But when reality hits, one can’t argue. Back to our subject, I would strongly recommend a pair of good boots. The reasons are quite many, one of the most important being that they will last you close to a lifetime and they go with everything. This includes trousers, jeans, short-shorts and the entire range of skirts and puffy dresses! Tulle&Doc Martens boots? Yes please!
For boys, I know most of you prefer the solid option of a clasical black boots and that I just fine. But I will suggest twisting things into some dark blue or brown maybe? It can do wonders.

♠ Over-the-knee boots. If this trend hasn’t reached you yet, you most have lived under a rock ever since the AW 2009 shows started: Giles, Gareth Pugh, Hermes, Hussein Chalayan, Rodarte, Prada just to name a few. These boots are still a huge trend and they can’t be overpassed. Not now. Here you will find a more comprehensive article on the subject, with illustrations galore.
Over-the-knee boots (or thigh-high, even better!) should be worn with care towards the proportions of the entire ensemble. For example, mix opposites: fitted+large, new+vintage, shiny+opaque. Then, take a step back in front of the mirror and analise if the volumes are set corectly. Wear something puffy or large for the upper part if the boots are perfectly fitted on the entire length of the leg; add a belt in the mix so things don’t get too messy. Also, try skinny jeans+short faux fur coat, vintage dresses or skirts+blazers.

Elle France

♠ A light, knitted jacket.
Probably the most versatile item on the list, suited for winter and perfect when time will come for spring wardrobe transition. Throw one over a vintage pair of jeans and a simple tee or even better over an elegant night gown. Preferably with paillettes. Nothing will ever look more amazing, I promise. Just try it out!
The perfect type of jacket should include the following characteristics: knitted, ultra-light&soft, buttons from top to bottom and maybe two pockets. Choose something in the classical color range of blacks or greys, but if you are lucky enough to score a pastel one, flaunt it! Make it be the piece de resistance of your outfit and you are ready to take over the world. Such an acquisition should last you a long, long time, and keep in mind that the seasonal transition is (hopefully) just around the corner!

(to be continued)

Sweet treats,

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