Sometimes the answers you need are already written down

I had another post in the works, but this comes in first. Hope you find it as inspirational as I do. Photos above by Paolo Roversi.

"Does your work address out society, politics, the world at large?

I say: Sit down, calm down, you are turning in a carousel that moves too fast. Fashion has lost respect of clothing. My job is to regain the respect for clothing. Merchandising and advertising have become too powerful, too dominant during the last few years. I say: Wait a moment, slow down!

Does the system destroy itself?

Beauty fades.


The acceleration of things prevents thinking about it. Doubts are excluded. All follow. Until everything looks like everything else. A sort of equalization."

An interview with a wise man. Yohji Yamamoto. From here.

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  1. I agree, it is so easy to get sucked in by the growing influences until we loose what is unique about us. Designers bend under the demands of media, it happens all the time. And sometimes it is not even intentional.


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